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Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish
Must-See TV for Elementary Spanish I & II
DestinosThe Destinos video series is a required component of the Elementary Spanish I & II courses (SPA*101 and SPA*102) offered by Capital Community College. You can watch these videos in several ways:

• On your PC. Go to Annenberg/CPB's "Video on Demand" website. Scroll down to the list of episodes, and click on the VOD logo next to the program you want to view. There is a free sign-up process for first time users. Please submit your name and e-mail address honestly so that the publisher will continue to provide this FREE resource to you.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS : High-speed internet connection (DSL or cable modem, or on-campus PC); Windows Media Player; Javascript enabled.

• On your VCR or DVD player. Visit Annenberg/CPB to buy Destinos in either DVD or VHS format. You will need to purchase Part I (episodes 1-26) for SPA*101 and SPA*102. You can buy just the videos, or a complete package with textbook, workbook, and audio materials.

• In the Library. Visit us on the 5th floor of our Downtown Hartford campus.

• On Satellite TV. Destinos airs occasionally on the national PBS-You channel, available on DishNetwork (channel 9402) and DirecTV (channel 377). The college does not control the satellite program schedule. Episodes broadcast on satellite may NOT be the same ones needed for this course. Check the PBSYou schedule for more details.

Destinos Videos
Episode Sequence
See Program descriptions

SPA* 101
SPA* 102
Lesson 1 Episode 1
La Carta
Episode 9
Lesson 2 Episode 2
El Secreto
Episode 10
Lesson 3 Episode 3
El Comienzo
Episode 11
La Demora
Lesson 4 Episode 4
Episode 12
Lesson 5 Episode 5
La Despedida
Episode 13
La Busqueda
Lesson 6 Episode 6
Episode 14
En El Extranjero
Lesson 7 Episode 7
La Cartera
Episode 15
Lesson 8 Episode 8
El Encuentro
Episode 16
Lesson 9   Episode 17