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To be favorably considered for the Radiologic Technology Program, applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria and point system . Points are given based on grades earned in the courses listed below and the applicant's G .P .A . (grade point average) outlined below . Applicants with the most points will be offered admission to the program .

  1. Graduation from an approved high school or acceptable equivalent preparation.
  2. Completion of the following courses:

    Grade and G .P .A . Point System:

    A (4 points); B (3 points); C (2 points); D (1 point)
    4 .0 - 3 .51 (5 points); 3 .5 - 3 .01 (4 points); 3 .0 - 2 .51 (3 points); 2 .5 - 2 .01 (2 points);
    2 .0 or < (1 point)

    1. College Algebra (MAT 137 or equivalent)
    2. Anatomy and Physiology I with Laboratory (BIO 211 or equivalent)
    3. Anatomy and Physiology II with Laboratory (BIO 212 or equivalent)
    4. English Composition (ENG 101 or equivalent)
    5. 14 semester hours of credit-bearing college courses that are program requirements and/or general education courses that are part of the Radiologic Technology program curriculum (1 point)
    6. G .P .A . in 14 semester hours of Radiologic Technology related courses
    7. Applicants who have previously applied to the Radiologic Technology program (1 point)

Applicants must submit to the Admissions Office all relevant official transcripts (high school and college courses, if any; SAT, if scores are not recorded on other transcripts) by the June 1 application deadline. Currently enrolled CCC students wishing to be considered for admission to the Radiological Technology program must forward a letter requesting consideration to the Director of Admissions by the June 1 application deadline. Students must have successfully completed the Accuplacer Test prior to the admission deadline.

Because enrollment is limited, not all qualified applicants will be accepted. Admissions decisions will be based on academic standing and the point system outlined above. Applicants will be notified of their status by mail in July. Final acceptance is contingent upon documentation of a physical examination, and required immunizations. All health information documentation must be on file in the Health Careers Office by August 15 of the admitting year, or the applicant's place in the program may be relinquished. Completed application must be submitted by June 1 each year. Files must be complete before applicants can be considered. Qualified applicants will be required to attend a mandatory information session in June or July.

Admissions evaluation:

  1. The applicants with the strongest academic credentials will be offered admission to the program.
  2. In the event there is not a sufficient number of applicants to fill the number of seats available in the program, the College retains the right to:
    1. extend the application deadline for admission into the program.
    2. evaluate students who have not met all the prerequisites for entry.
  3. Decisions will be made by an admission committee . Exceptions will be made jointly by the Director of Admissions and Radiologic Technology Coordinator.
  4. Admission appeals may be made in writing to the Dean of Student Services.

PLEASE NOTE: Admissions requirements for the Radiologic Technology program are subject to change . Please consult with a Capital Counselor before you apply to this program

Radiology instructor points to the skull of a skeleton in front of a class, while students intently watch.
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