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This section of the web site provides students with the site map
of Capital Community College's 
Advising Web Portal, ACE

Admissions Steps

New Students

Returning and Readmitted Students

Students Whose First Language is Not English


Financial Aid

Capital Catalog

Academic Calendar

Selecting a Major

Programs of Study

Unsure of Your Future Career?

Career Sites on the Internet

Advising & Course Registration

New Students

Currently Enrolled Students

Returning and Readmitted Students

Registration Options

Online Web Registration


Distance Learning

Drop a Course

College Level ExamProgram

Tuition Payment Information

Academic Calendar

Course Schedule

Capital Catalog

Student Records / Access

What is My Banner Number?

What Records Can I Access Online?

How Can I View My Grades or Academic Transcript?

College Basics and Information

Tips for Success

College Survival Skills

Developing a Study Plan

Critical Thinking Skills

Working Effectively with Your Instructor

Effective Listening Skills

College Definitions

Academic Standards

Confidentiality of Records

Adds/Drops & Withdrawals

Dean's List


Audit Policy

Grading System

Incomplete Policy

Honor Societies

Repeating a Course

Course Descriptions

Degree/Program Requirements

Selective Admission Programs

GPA Calculator

Capital Catalog

Academic Support and Tutoring

Academic Support Centers


Library Services

Graduation and Transfer


Graduation Procedures

Degree and Certificate Requirements


Transfer Counseling & Advising

What are the Steps to Transfer?

Overview of Local Transfer Opportunities

Mgmt Degree Transfer Opportunities to CCSU/UCONN

Will My Credits Transfer?

Transfer Scholarships

Transcript Request

Extra Help


Who is my assigned advisor or counselor?

Will my advisor tell me what courses to take?

What are my responsibilities?

What is the advisor's responsibility?

Career Programs

I am not sure what I want to do?

Academic Policies & Requirements

Why do I have to take non-credit courses?

Who has access to my academic records?

If I repeat a course, does the higher grade count?

If I drop a course, does it affect my financial aid?

Can I receive financial aid if I am part-time?

Need Additional Support?

If I need childcare, is help available?

Is parking available?

Can I take the bus to the college?

How do I find out more about campus activities?

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