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Step 2:  How to Apply for Financial Aid

Capital Community College's Financial Aid Program includes grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study jobs at the college.   

Students must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be accepted for admission to the college and enrolled in a degree or eligible certificate program.

  2. Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Trust Territories.

  3. Be in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress.

  4. Be in compliance with the Selective Service regulation requirements. (male applicants only)

  5. Not be in default on any previous student loan.

  6. Not owe a refund to any Title IV Higher Education Grant program.

All documentation materials must be received on or before the dates listed below to ensure an award decision will be made prior to the registration periods and the commencement of classes.

Fall Semester:

        June 1 - Returning Students

        July 1 - New Students

Spring Semester:

        December 1 - All students

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. However, since funds are limited, students should apply well in advance of the deadlines.

The Financial Aid Process

The student must have completed each step of the admission process and been accepted into a degree or eligible certificate program.

The student must complete the on-line free application for Student Aid (FAFSA), identifying Capital as one of his/her designated college choices.

Click here to view the FAFSA on-line application.

Capital Community College Financial Aid Code=007635

Capital’s Financial Aid Office offers financial aid workshops (in English and Spanish) to assist students to correctly complete their applications.  Click here to view the Financial Aid Office’s workshop schedule. 

Note: Students who drop or withdraw from courses in a semester will experience an automatic adjustment in their original financial aid award. The adjustment is determined by a federal government formula and may have serious consequences to their future financial aid awards.  Please visit the Financial Aid Office before processing your drop or withdrawal forms.

Financial Aid Application Steps: 

  1. It is necessary to have an email address to participate in this process.  A personal email address can be obtained at free web sites which include (www.mail.yahoo.com), (www.netscape.com) and (www.latinmail.com) You can begin the process to obtain your free email address NOW by clicking on either Yahoo, Netscape, or Latinmail.

  2. Also, it is necessary to obtain a federal pin number from the federal government.  To begin this process, click here to visit the government’s web site. The Department of Education will then email you directions as to how you obtain the pin from their secure site. Please allow 3 days for processing. If you have had a previous pin number, click here to learn how you can retrieve it. NOTE: The pin number is the electronic signature required when completing the FAFSA on-line. 

  3. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available by clicking here.  Please have your personal income information documentation available when completing this application.

A student will need to know the income earned in the year before entering college.  For students 24 years of age and under, parents’ income information must be included in the Financial Aid Application.
A.    Students will refer to their social security number and driver’s license.   
B.    Students will need a W-2 form or other records of income earned.   
C.    Federal Income Tax Return is required as well as a spouse’s if the student is married.   
D.    Parents’ Federal Income Tax Return for students who are 24 and under.   
E.    Records of other untaxed income such as welfare or social security benefits, veteran’s benefits, military or clergy investments.   
F.    Current bank statements and records of stocks, bonds, and investments if applicable.   
G.    Business or farm records, if applicable.   
H.    An alien registration card if not a U. S. citizen.
It is possible to track the status of one’s financial aid application and award by using the on-line student information system. Click here to check your financial aid application status NOW. 
Click help [above] for step-by-step instructions on how to access your financial aid status. 

Use your Banner identification number and a Banner pin number to check this information. Download any documents needed to complete the Financial Aid application requirements. Documents can be printed in hard copy and returned in person or by mail to the Financial Aid office on the second floor of the building. Any pertinent details regarding one’s financial aid account will be emailed in a timely fashion.
NOTE:  At times, students may be required to complete a Verification Process step in which they are asked to complete a verification form and produce certain documents such as their tax return or Proof of Residence.
For further financial aid information, access the college’s catalog or the web site.  

Staff Directory of the Financial Aid Office – 2nd floor, Office - 206

Margaret Wolf, Director of Financial Aid, 860-906-5096

Bryan Lewis, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, 860-906-5098

Velez, Jose’, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, 860-908-5097

Marilyn Duran Secretary II, 860-906-5090








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