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How to Develop a Strong Relationship with the Instructor

When a student builds a strong relationship with the Faculty member in the classroom, the bond allows the person the ability to ask questions and encourage learning to evolve over the semester.

1. A student should know the name, office location, and telephone number of the instructor in order to easily access this person during scheduled office hours.

2. A student who completes weekly reading assignments and asks for assistance early in the semester masters the concepts and course requirements through a dialogue with the instructor.

3. When a teacher becomes a aware of a student’s interest and motivation to succeed, in most cases, the student benefits from the academic relationship that has evolved.

4. The instructor serves as a great resource for the classroom, especially if course material is difficult and an extensive project or research paper has been assigned as a large percentage of the grade.

5. A trusted instructor can encourage students when they feel distracted or bewildered in the classroom. A student’s personal effort may be redirected by the instructor if he/she is aware of study techniques utilized by the student that are not producing a significant level of achievement on examinations.
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