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The steps to transfer include:

1. Be prepared to declare a major and indicate your choice on the admission application.

2. Apply on-line or obtain a hard copy of the admission application, complete the form, and submit it to the institution with the fee.

3. Contact the high school and ask them to forward your official transcript to the transfer institution. and pay any relevant fee charged.

4. Submit your SAT scores that are usually listed on the official high school transcript. If the SAT tests were never taken , but are now required for admission, take them at the local high school.

5. Submit an official copy of the Capital Community College transcript(cost $3.00 per copy) by filling out a Transcript Request Form at the Registrar’s Office. A student must also request official transcripts directly from any other colleges or universities attended in the past, and have them submitted to the transfer institution.

6. If an essay is required for transfer admission, complete a draft of the project and seek feedback from a tutor or advisor. Applicants are often required to write about the degree program they will pursue at the four year institution. The essay should be well-written, grammatically free of errors, clear, and concise. Some colleges may require a personal interview before acceptance. The applicant should bring copies of his/her updated resume to the interview for easy reference, and offer a copy to the interviewer. Students should dress appropriately.

7. Submit all documentation to the transfer school by the deadline as late paperwork could invalidate the admission application.

8. Applicants should meet with the Financial Aid Office very early in the admission process to obtain information and apply in a timely fashion.

9. Students should also seek information on housing to be aware of deadlines in order to send in the required deposit to secure a dormitory room.

10. Submit the most recent official transcript of courses taken at Capital Community College to the transfer school in order that these courses can be evaluated and credited toward the declared major.

11. The four year school usually sends acceptance letters in the Spring semester. If student is delinquent in submitting all required paperwork, the acceptance would be delayed.
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