Unfortunate Facts About Resumes

  1. Employers spend an average of 15 seconds per resume.
  2. On the average, employers grant one interview per 245 resumes.
  3. Some companies receive over 100,000 resumes a year.
  4. Employers receive between 10-200 resumes per newspaper want-ad.
  5. Between 85-95% of all resumes end up in the trash.

Be sure your resume is easy to read!

Implications for Resume Writers

  1. Get to the point early in your resume. Lead off with your most important information. Appearance counts, so be neat.
  2. Use your cover letter to specify a time when you and the employer can meet. Follow-up on correspondences with telephone calls.
  3. Make your resume unique. Give it personality by including a special interests section that will distinguish you from other candidates
  4. Don't rely solely on want ads for your job search. Use your resume in an effective search that includes information interviews, personal contact referral and persistent follow-ups.

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