Follow-Up Letter

Writing a thank you note after an employment interview is an important policy for students to follow. Not only is this a gesture of courtesy, but writing such a note will reaffirm your interest in working with the organization. In addition, a thank you note can be used to instill your name in the interviewer's memory and can serve to reiterate any relevant points you made during the interview. We strongly urge students to practice the policy of writing thank you notes.

A sample thank you letter is shown below.

Street and number
City, State, Zip Code
Today's date

Name and title of interviewer

Title of interviewer
Company name
Street and number
City, State, Zip Code


Thank the interviewer for the time and courtesy extended to you.

Let the interviewer know you are still interested in the position and remind him/her of the special qualifications you have for the position.

You may provide additional data requested by the interviewer or any information you may have overlooked.

Yours truly,

(Handwritten Signature)

Typed Name

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