Resume Worksheet

As an aid, fill out the RESUME WORKSHEET before attempting to write your resume. You will have important information available to you when the time comes to write the actual resume. The categories below may or may not resemble the categories in your resume. In addition, not all of the information on the worksheet will be included in the final version.

Temporary Address:          Permanent Address:

Career Objective:

What kind of job titles or fields of work are you thinking of applying for upon graduation?


List all dates of post-secondary schooling, degrees completed or in progress, expected dates of completion, major, and strongest courses.

Years attended_________ Degrees_________

Expected date of completion_________ Major_________

Strongest Courses_________

(Repeat if you have attended more than one college)

Extracurricular Activities:

Special Knowledges:

Include foreign languages, software/hardware knowledge, etc.

Internships/Co-Op Or Volunteer Experience:

List dates, titles, places of work: State skills, and experience gained:


List all periods of employment starting with most recent. Don't include employment during high school years unless very exceptional, or unless you had the same summer job throughout high school and college.

List dates, job titles, employer and specific duties or tasks accomplished.

Describe a work/job accomplishment(s) for each job.

Accomplishment should relate to areas like profits or sales, increased efficiency improved human relations, better designs, finer acoustics, or whatever it was in your job area that generally promoted and enriched your work product and/or contributed directly to the well being of the company.

YearEmployer   City, State  Position Description and Accomplishment


(optional category: list your hobbies or interests and indicate degrees of proficiency).

Is there anything about yourself that you think is important for an employer to know that you were unable to include in the above categories?


References are requested by the employer for the purpose of obtaining information about your work and personal habits. A business or professional reference may be a former employer, supervisor, faculty advisor or instructor. Politicians, clergy and community leaders are less desirable unless they have a great deal of influence or unless you worked with them. A personal reference may be a friend or neighbor who can support your character and integrity. DO NOT use personal references unless you have no others.

Name of reference
Employing firm
Business address
Business phone

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