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Professional Development Center

Professional Development, offered through the Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development, will help you gain valuable skills to effectively position yourself in today's job market. Our Professional development programs will give you the tools to enhance your current career and open doors to new opportunities.

Detailed information about the current Professional Development programs and courses at Capital can be found in our Continuing Education Catalog below.

PC and Internet Training

The comprehensive computer programs are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Learn how to work more confidently and productively with specific software as well as explore the vast information on the Internet. Classes are held in state-of-the-art computer training centers, featuring "hands-on" learning and one-on-one assistance.

Supervisory and Management

Supervisors and managers are responsible for fostering teamwork, innovation, motivation, and high productivity. Learn the skills you need to supervise with ease and success. Classes include current real-world examples and exercises.

Interpersonal Communications

Strong communication skills are an integral part of every job. Learn to hone your business talents in a variety of communication areas such as making presentations, negotiating, handling conflict, listening and more. Classes are interactive and geared to fit all learning styles.

Business Writing

Proficient writing skills are imperative in today's workplace. The writing workshops will help you build your writing skills fast and help you compose professional letters, memos, reports and more. Learn to produce effective written communication by overcoming common writing stumbling blocks such as structural problems, tone, wordiness and lengthy writing.

Office Professional

Office Professional programs are career-boosting skills seminars for secretaries, administrative assistants, and support staff. Put yourself on the track to success by learning to organize, prioritize, think on your feet, and improve speech and writing skills.

Language and Cultural Awareness

Many employers are requiring their employees to travel overseas to various non-English speaking countries and as a result, language can often be a barrier to success. Learn general business vocabulary, as well as the customs of various cultures.

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