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13.5 Pronouns: Subject and Object Forms of Pronouns

Application 6

In the space provided after each sentence below, write the personal pronoun that can take the place of the word or phrase (in bold) after the blank.
Example: Are you sure that this is the best vacation for her (Maria)?

Benny has invited Jim to move in with (Benny). It was always clear to (the person spoken to) that Benny's place was too big for just a couple. But Benny had promised his wife that the two extra rooms could be for (his wife) to use for crafts projects. Benny and Edy are both hobby-lovers, and I admire (Benny and Edy). Then, yesterday, Benny told (the speaker) that Jim was moving in. I doubt that Edy knows about the plan yet, because when Mom talked with (Edy) this morning, the conversation was all about the same old stuff. And when I ran into (Edy and Mom) during lunch, nobody was talking about the big news. So it's probably best for (the speaker and person spoken to) to lie low until the storm passes. Eventually, Edy will get used to the idea of having Jim around and will make (Jim) part of the family. But I don't want to be around when Benny first tells (Edy) about the plan.

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