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Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education is an alliance of colleges and universities in the Hartford area. Founded in 1972, the Consortium is a vehicle for the development of joint programs that serve faculty, students and the wider community. Its programs include Career Beginnings, Consortium Grant Program, Consortium Scholars, Cross-Registration, and Fifth Graders Go to College. The Consortium offices are located in room 314 at Capital Community College.

Cross Registration with Consortium Colleges

Through the Consortium, full-time students have the opportunity to cross-register for modern/classic languages (14 of them!), women's studies, urban studies and religious studies courses at Central Connecticut State University, Saint Joseph College, Hartford Seminary, Trinity College, UCONN-Hartford Campus, and the University of Hartford.

Typically there is no additional cost to the student. Consortium registration is ongoing on all campuses.

To find out more, pick up a copy of the Consortium Undergraduate Cross-Registration brochure in Capital's Registrar's Office, room 207, or call the Consortium Office at 860-906-5016 or visit http://www.hartfordconsortium.org/Home.aspx by clicking the Consortium icon below:

Hartford Consortium for Higher Education



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