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Certificate Programs

Library Technical Assistant

This certificate is intended to enhance the skills of para-professionals currently working in libraries and to introduce library service to those wishing to enter the field. The certificate provides an overview of library public services, technical services, media, and computer hardware and software. An internship is available for those not currently employed in a library. The mission is to prepare paraprofessionals for all aspects of library work, with particular emphasis on technology related aspects of the field.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competence in Public Service areas
    1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of library circulation systems and effectively use Capital's circulation system in particular
    1.2 Demonstrate knowledge and effectively use the OCLC Interlibrary Loan system
    1.3 Display knowledge of the types of public services offered at different types of libraries
    1.4 Demonstrate knowledge and effectively use basic reference sources
    1.5 Demonstrate and effectively use basic reference interview techniques 1.6 Understand the reference function as it pertains to various types of libraries
  2. Demonstrate competence in Technical Services areas
    2.1 Display understanding of cataloging and processing terminology
    2.2 Demonstrate knowledge of cataloging tools, such as AACR2, Dewey Decimal Classification, Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings and online bibliographic utilities, such as OCLC
    2.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the MARC record
    2.4 Display understanding of the role of serials in libraries 2.5 Display understanding of the acquisitions process
  3. Demonstrate competence in utilizing library and information technology
    3.1 Effectively use HTML to create materials for the World Wide Web
  4. Think critically and demonstrate ability in information competence
    4.1. Effectively utilize library and information databases 4.2 Critically evaluate information found in library databases and the Internet
  5. Apply knowledge gained throughout the program
    5.1 Successfully complete an internship at an academic, public school or public library
    5.2 Develop a portfolio of projects encompassing written projects and web pages created
Course of Study¹
Intro to Software Applications
Intro to Library Public Services
Intro to Cataloging and Technical Services
Computers in Libraries OR
Web Design and Development I
Intro to Visual Communications
___ ___
LIB*, COM*, CSC*, CSA* or CST* Elective
Supervised Field Placement²

¹ Click on the Course# for course description,
pre-requisites and additional information.

² Students currently working in libraries can substitute another appropriate course for LIB* 202



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