Your Urban Academic Experience Begins at Capital
Hartford Heritage Courses
are single courses or sections of a course that make extensive use of Hartford in their curriculum.
Hartford Heritage Learning Communities combine several courses under an interesting theme that you explore with the same classmates and the same professors.
Courses with Hartford Experience provide students with opportunities to experience Hartford through a field trip or an extra credit assignment.


Architecture courses at Capital make extensive use of Hartford and its wealth of architectural history, styles and urban fabric. Assignments get students out into Hartford to study excellent examples of buildings in the gothic, neo-classical, vernacular, modern, picturesque, post-modern, and other styles. Some courses also feature tours of the Wadsworth Atheneum, the State Capitol, the Old State House, and other places of interest in the curriculum. Other courses integrate studies of buildings types such as the Bushnell or the Hartford Stage and urban planning. Students study the history of the city and its development to make educated design proposals and encourage a “pride of place” through their designs.

Design I- ARC 205 and 205L
Architecture of the World-ARC 102
Graphics class -ARC 103 and ARC 103L
Design II-ARC 207 and 207L


English 101 Composition and English 102 Literature and Composition are commonly featured in Hartford Heritage Learning Communities.

English 222 American Literature II – As a Hartford Heritage Course, English 222 makes use of resources in our city that help to illuminate our study of American literature, including the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, Mark Twain House and Museum, Old State House, Wallace Stevens Walk, and Wadsworth Atheneum.

Jeff Partridge’s American Literature class in front of Wallace Stevens’ house. Stevens, one of America’s great modernist poets, worked at the Hartford Insurance Co. for most of his life. His walk to and from work is now commemorated in The Wallace Steven’s Walk.

Class Photo at Wallace Stevens House

English as a Second Language

ESL Learning Community Class Photo

Some upper-level ESL sections are paired with credit-level courses in Hartford Heritage Learning Communities.

Peggy Schuyler and Jennifer Thomassen’s ESL and Visual Communication Learning Community with former G. Fox employee Kenneth Wright and host Michael Walters.
Photo by Julie Bidwell.

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 100, 101, 102 College Seminar are 1-credit anchor courses for Hartford Heritage Learning Communities.

IDS 250 Liberal Arts Capstone: Immigration-Hartford and the Nation – Using Hartford as a case study, this course investigates U.S. immigration-its history, laws, impact and trends. With the help of guest professors who are experts in their fields, visits to Hartford museums and other institutions, and readings that provide a multidisciplinary perspective, we will examine immigration through the lenses of such academic disciplines as History, Literature, Math/Statistics, Music, Religious Studies, Film, Health Sciences and Philosophy.


Some sections of HIS 107 History of Puerto Rico make extensive use of information and activities within the large Hartford Puerto Rican community. Students read and discuss how Puerto Ricans utilized Hartford's political machinery and urban landscape to establish a vibrant Latino community.


HUM 195 Humanities Seminar is commonly featured in Hartford Heritage Learning Communities.


Some sections of SOC 101 Principles of Sociology study Hartford from various social conditions. Students get the opportunity to study poverty rates, educational drop out and success rates, religious groups, voting behavior and cultural groups.