Your Urban Academic Experience Begins at Capital
Hartford Heritage Learning Communities combine several courses under an interesting theme that you explore with the same classmates and the same professors.
Hartford Heritage Courses
are single courses or sections of a course that make extensive use of Hartford in their curriculum.
Courses with Hartford Experience provide students with opportunities to experience Hartford through a field trip or an extra credit assignment.

Fall 2015

English 220 Studies in American Literature - Twain & Stowe

Mark Twain House

Hybrid (Online and in person)

Class meets every other Wednesday 2:00-4:42pm
at 351 Farmington Ave Hartford, CT.

Take a class at the homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe!

  • Read and discuss works by two of American Literature’s most influential authors
  • Learn from staff experts at the Stowe and Twain Museums
  • Access archives and library materials unique to these national landmark museums
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the houses, archives, and exhibits
  • Enjoy a hybrid course schedule – one week at the Stowe/Twain classroom, and the next online

Fall 2013

The Good Citizen, Speaking Well in Hartford: Classical Greco-Roman Thought and First Year Composition

Learning Community Schedule:

TR 10:05-11:26 ENG 101 Composition Daniela Ragusa
TR 11:40-1:01 PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Femi Bogle-Assegai
R 1:15-2:09 IDS 101 College Seminar Bogle-Assegai/Ragusa
Total Credits: 7


Students who enroll in this Learning Community learn how to think critically and speak and write effectively about issues important to people living, working, and studying in the city of Hartford through the disciplines of Philosophy and Rhetoric. Students in this "LC" will be enrolled in both an Introduction to Philosophy course and a Composition course (essentially an Introduction to Rhetoric.) While each course can operate as a "stand alone" class in which students learn specific course content, when paired together as an "LC", students taking both courses together will learn how to think, speak, and write as a group about issues related to Hartford from philosophical and rhetorical perspectives. At the same time, students will be introduced to "academic discourse" by engaging in college-level inquiry in the communities found within and around their city-campus.

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The Faces of Spiritualism – A Hartford Heritage Learning Community

Learning Community Schedule:

TR 10:05-11:26 am ESL 157A Oral Communication Peggy Schuyler
TR 11:40 am-01:01 pm ESL 153 Writing/Reading Peggy Schuyler
F 10:00 am-12:42 pm ESL 185 Fundamentals of Research Jennifer S Kriksciun


Students in the learning community combining ESL 157A, ESL 153, & ESL 185 will compare the concept of spiritualism between Western culture (in particular the ideas of Hartford luminaries) and their own cultures. As part of the Hartford Heritage Project, students will visit various landmarks in Hartford and explore the ideas of Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Elizabeth Colt.

Fall 2012

ESL By Design Speak, Read, Write, Design!– A Hartford Heritage Learning Community


COM 105 Visual Communication Jennifer Thomassen
ESL 157 Oral Communication Peggy Schuyler
ESL 153 Writing/Reading Peggy Schuyler
ESL 185 Modes of Communication Jennifer Kriksciun


This Learning Community, as part of the Hartford Heritage Project, offers ESL students an alternative to traditional ESL classes by pairing ESL 157: Oral Communication and ESL 153: Reading/Writing with Communication 105: Visual Communication. The team-teaching approach offers students greater support while they earn credits toward a degree, gain marketable skills and complete ESL requirements. Students will explore the history of G.Fox and Capital Community College at 950 Main St. while they learn design skills and strengthen their command of the English language.