• "We learn a lot from each other. We get newly excited about resources in our culturally-rich community and can then transmit this excitement. And workshops are usually well organized and presented; well worth the investment of time."

    Susan Rand Brown, English Faculty Adjunct

  • "Anything that broadens and deepens the faculty’s knowledge, awareness, cultural experiences, etc., must affect how s/he teaches. Directly or indirectly, students reap the rewards of a well-rounded instructor."

    Lynn Mardon, Philosophy Faculty Adjunct

  • "It doesn't matter what your discipline is, HHP activities give us ways to expand and relate our courses to their surroundings."

    Peggy Schuyler, ESL Faculty

  • "I really enjoyed our workshop at the Athenaeum. I found I can definitely make use of the Athenaeum to enhance our students' learning and critical thinking. When assessing patients, nurses have to pay close attention to minute details and must be able to think critically in response to their findings. The docent was an excellent facilitator and will be useful in having students exposed to the arts as well as honing their assessment and critical thinking skills." John Lagosz, Nursing Faculty

  • "I had a great time observing and learning from various pieces of art. I have contacted the museum staff to see if there is any artwork that could benefit nutrition or biology students."

    Carmen Yiamouyiannis, Science Faculty

  • "It is so beneficial to be infused anew with the spirit that fashioned my way into education in the first place; to find ways to help students experience the joy of learning and feeling something new and exciting that may bring long and unanticipated benefits to them for who knows how long or when, is still a thrill. It is particularly good when one can share this enthusiasm with colleagues and experience the added gift of learning from each other." Gerry Simpson, English Faculty Adjunct

  • "I very much enjoyed the Wadsworth workshop on using art to teach my discipline history. I've had questions before, when I would bring my class to the museum, but did not know how to approach the art or work it in the course, except for visual. Now, I have an idea, and I can utilize this method shown to us in the workshop."
    Marcus Lawson, History Faculty

  • "I certainly enjoyed this workshop--it opened my eyes to the diversity of art. I came up with various ideas to incorporate art into Sociology, the most interesting being ethnocentrism. This is great for my subject."

    Kelly Porter, Sociology Faculty Adjunct

Project Beginnings
NEH Faculty Workships

  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Past Workshops

Hartford Heritage Project is Expanding – And You Are Invited!

Come join in conversation about the next phase of this project at one of our upcoming HHP brainstorming sessions.

When: College Common Hour: Thursday, April 9 at 2:30 in Centinel Hill Hall (11th floor Auditorium) &
Wednesday, April 29 at 4:30pm in the Community Room (2nd Floor)

Why: Since it began in 2011, the Hartford Heritage Project has honored the history and culture of Hartford as part of a college-wide initiative of assorted curricular components and one-time activities. The project is presently supported by a match grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

What does it mean for our College?
The Hartford Heritage Project has created a robust network of relationships with local arts and cultural institutions, provided faculty workshops to incorporate place-based learning into courses, implemented the campus-wide One Play program, and facilitated open access to world-class museums and theater for students, staff, and faculty.

How do faculty, staff, and students get involved?
Everyone is welcome to join our upcoming HHP brainstorming sessions. Faculty of any discipline, full-time and adjunct. Staff from all sectors of the college. Students and members of such clubs and groups as Student Senate, Rotaract, PTK, and NSLS. Club advisors please pass the word!

How can I learn more before attending the session?
Navigate throughout this site and read details and testimonials.

We are off to a good start, but the HHP can be so much more. Let’s shape the future of the Hartford Heritage Project together. Let’s shape the future of our College!

Making Hartford Our Classroom: A Faculty Workshop on Incorporating Hartford History and More into Your Curriculum

When: Friday, April 17, 9am-1pm (including lunch)

Where: Connecticut Historical Society, 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford

Why:Learn how you can make Hartford an extension of your classroom, get inspired about Hartford’s history and culture from one of our foremost experts, explore the Richard Welling Hartford exhibit, and discover what CHS has to offer!

What: The workshop will provide insights and teaching tips, as well as A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of this production. Professor Ken DiMaggio will share from his research and recent paper on Horace Wells. Don’t miss it!

Who: Capital faculty – full-time and adjunct, ANY DISCIPLINE

The program will include:

  • “Place-Based Pedagogy at Capital” – Jeff Partridge
  • “Hartford as a Platform for Learning & Civic Attachment” (see description below) – William Hosley, Cultural Resource Marketing & Development Consultant
  • Richard Welling Exhibit and Introduction to CHS Resources – Emily Dunnack, Head of Education, CHS
  • Catered lunch

RSVP to jpartridge@capitalcc.edu

Hartford as a Platform for Learning & Civic Attachment

Picture Show & Lecture by William Hosley

This program presents object lessons based on local art, architecture and archives. By revealing the narrative power of real things and real places it celebrates the value of local knowledge and access to primary sources. Close observation and an awareness that every place has a story transforms everyday learning into a pathway for civic attachment. Places people know and care about attract talent & foster innovation & teamwork.