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Welcome College Success Students

Below you will find the Career Planning tasks for your IDS (College Success) class. Your instructor will inform you of the deadline for completion. If you have any questions or need help in completing these tasks, please see your instructor, or contact the Career Center (Room 209).

Pre-requisite: You need to have an email account to make use of this database. If you do not have one please contact your College Success Instructor, or the Career Center.

  1. Register at College Central Network.
    When you register here you will receive information about many opportunities, jobs, scholarships, etc. that will be of benefit to you. Later in the semester we will invite you to upload your resume, which we will help you write.

  2. Login to SkillsOne.com and complete your Interest Inventory.
    This is a tool to help you plan for your future. You must complete the inventory by the date specified by your instructor. Your instructor will provide you with the Login and Password information needed for this.

  3. Complete your Career Decision-Making Survey.
    Please print out the results pages, and have this information available when you meet with us in the Career Center.

  4. Make an appointment in the Career Center.
    We're located in room 209 - don't forget to bring your survey results from step 3. If necessary, we can provide services via phone and/or email. We are certified and licensed Distance Counselors (Tel: 906-5108).



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