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Lunchtime Lecture Series

Reservations are not required. Please bring your own food and drinks. If you would like to present a topic you think will be of interest to the campus community, please contact Karen Schlossberg at 860-906-5107. Thanks!

Schedule of Events

Understanding Financial Aid at
Capital Community College

Financial Aid Staff: Margaret Malaspina, Bryan Lewis, Jose Velez

  • Whether you are a financial aid recipient, or would like to be one, this workshop is for you. Are you sure that you know all there is to know about receiving financial aid, work study and opportunities for scholarships as a CCC student and for your first year in a 4-year college?
  • The content of these two workshops will be identical. It is being offered twice to reach our Monday/Wednesday students and our Tuesday/Thursday students.

Tuesday (Dec. 6) and Wednesday (Dec. 7)
Rm 317

For pre-registration (so we can order enough pizza) go to College Central



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