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Connecting a Laptop to Your Classroom Projector
laptop If you prefer to use a Laptop Computer rather than the Classroom PC, you may connect one to the system for display on the projection screen. Auxiliary jacks are located on the Control Panel to attach your VGA cable and mini stereo audio cable (for sound, if needed).

After attaching the cables from your laptop to the auxiliary jacks, select ”Laptop Computer“ as the source, and your Laptop should be displayed on the projection screen.

To Connect Your Laptop...
Currently, all classroom systems only accept analog VGA signals (no digital signals). Connect the VGA cable from the Laptop to the VGA port on the Control Panel:

laptop VGA port » VGA port

If sound from the Laptop is necessary, connect the mini stereo sound cable from the Laptop to the jack on the Control Panel:

laptop sound port » sound port

Now that the Laptop is connected, turn on the Projector and select "Laptop" as the source.

If you still have problems, please call our office at ext. 5030 from your classroom phone so we can assist you and get you up and running quickly. And always remember to log-off the PC and turn off the projector at the end of your class.

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Classroom FAQs...

Q: I'm in the middle of teaching a class and the equipment doesn't seem to work. Whom do I call for help?
A: Call us at 5030 from any campus phone (860-906-5030 from your cellphone). During normal office hours we will respond as quickly as possible.

Q: I want to play a DVD movie, but don't see a DVD player... what do I do?
A: You can play DVD videos in the computer, using VLC Media Player. See how...

Q: I want to use my own laptop PC rather than the classroom PC... can I connect it to the projector?
laptop connections A: Yes. There are connection ports on the control panel for VGA and mini audio cables. If you don't have your own, you can borrow them from AMT for your class period.
See how...

Q: My students are giving presentations in class and I'd like them videotaped... can you help?
A: Yes! Please call, e-mail, or visit us in person to schedule this service in advance with a department member.

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