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Photo of Instructors DeskIntroduction to the Classroom

The heart of the “Classroom for the Future” lies in the Instructor's Desk. Multi-media presentation equipment is located there for immediate use, displaying your visual presentation materials on a large projection screen. A desktop-mounted control panel allows you to turn the projector on and off, switch the picture between your active presentation sources, and turn the volume up and down. Room lighting can also be turned on and off from wall switches located near the Instructor's Desk.

Underneath the Instructor’s Desk, a small equipment rack houses major components of the system. In it, you’ll find a VCR, the Computer CPU, and other switching and/or audio equipment. On top of the desk is the Computer monitor & keyboard, a Document Camera, and the Instructor’s Control Panel. In larger rooms, you'll also have a Wireless Microphone and a desk-mounted “Gooseneck” Microphone.

The system also allows for the addition of other presentation equipment. If you prefer to use your own Laptop Computer, an Auxiliary Audio Device, or Auxiliary Video Device, the system may be able to accommodate your needs.

A Multi-Media Projector hanging from the ceiling in the center of the classroom displays all of your presentation materials on a large projection screen. Wider classrooms have dual projectors that are synchronized to display the same image on 2 projection screens. Ceiling-mounted speakers amplify sound to the classroom, making the system a fully-integrated “Presentation Station” for enhanced teaching and learning.

Do NOT bring food and beverages to the Instructor's Desk in the new classrooms. Already, problems have arisen from spilled liquids, and we've had several complaints from instructors who found a mess left by the previous user. The Academic Media Technology Department can help solve problems, but it is you, the user, who can help PREVENT them.

This web-site is designed to assist you if you are having any problems with the equipment in Capital’s “Classrooms for the Future.” If you do not find a solution to your problem on this site, please e-mail the Academic Media Technology Department (or call ext. 5034) with a description of your situation, including the date, time, and room number.

Photo of Equipment Rack The Equipment Rack below the Instructor’s Desk contains the VCR and the Computer CPU. Other audio and switching equipment does not need to be adjusted by the instructor.

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Photo of Projector The ceiling-mounted Multi-Media Projector displays your visual presentation materials on a large screen.

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Photo of Control Panel The desktop Control Panel allows you to turn the Projector lamp on and off, switch between presentation sources, and adjust volume.

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Photo of Dual ProjectorsWider classrooms have dual projectors with synchronized display.

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