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Monitor and KeyboardThe Lectern Computer

Although you‘ll find a computer monitor, keyboard & mouse on top of the Instructor‘s Desk, the Lectern Computer CPU is located in the equipment rack below the instructor's desk. If you are displaying files from a CD-ROM, DVD, or floppy disk, load them into the PC in that rack. If you wish to display files you have stored in your faculty folder on the network Z-drive, you only need to log-on to the computer as you would in your office, and retrieve your files in the same manner. Likewise, once you log-on, you can also browse the internet for presentation material.*

Please visit the Department of Information Technology, Room 601, for your own computer username and password. The Academic Media Technology Department does not administer computer network access.

The Computer gives you access to all the software you have in your faculty office, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Internet Explorer, and college E-mail, all of which can be displayed to your audience. You also have the ability to play Audio CDs and DVD movies using the computer.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you have finished using the computer, ALWAYS log-off of the network. If you don't, the next person to use the computer may have access to your personal folder on the college‘s Z-drive and your E-mail. The computer may also “lock” itself, restricting use by anyone else until it is unlocked by the last user or an IT staff member.

* Classrooms on the Talcott Street Level (Rooms TS03 and TS07) DO NOT have network access. Therefore, you cannot log-on and use the PCs in those rooms. Contact the IT Dept. at extension 5251 for information.