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Academic and President's Conference Rooms

Academic Conference RoomThe Academic Division Conference Room (10th floor, Room 1023) and the President's Conference Room (11th floor, Room 1122) both feature a large conference table for group meetings. Each room has the same presentation capabilities as the General Classrooms, but there is no Instructor Station since these rooms are not intended for typical classroom instruction. Instead, presentation equipment is housed in custom-built cabinetry near the front of the room.

Presenters in this room may project materials from a wide variety of sources:

Also, presenters may bring their own laptop computers and connect them to the presentation system for projection on the large screen.

equipment CabinetPresentation equipment in the 10th and 11th floor Conference Rooms is built-in to the cabinets at the front of the rooms. On the countertop surface sits a Document Camera, and a keyboard and mouse. In the cabinet below the countertop, a rack holds the PC, a VHS VCR, and the system Control Panel.

For instructions on how to use any equipment in these Conference Rooms, use the "Classroom Option" pull-down list in the left-hand menu.

To reserve the Academic Division Conference Room for your next meeting, contact Diane Mathis at 860-906-5011, or

To reserve the President's Conference Room for your next meeting, contact Lorraine Lee at 860-906-5100, or