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The Document Camera
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Photo of Doc Cam The Samsung SVP-6000 Document Camera is located on top of the Instructor's Station, and is used to display any "hard copy" items, including printed documents, photographs, the newspaper, images and illustrations from your textbook, overhead transparencies, and even small objects. Zoom functions allow you to display even small images very large on the projection screen.

To use the Document Camera:

1. Turn on the Projector by pressing the button on the Control Panel labeled DISPLAY POWER.

2. Turn on the Document Camera by pressing the POWER button on the Doc Cam.

3. Select the source button on the Control Panel labeled DOCUMENT CAMERA.

3. Press the LAMP button to select the proper lighting (there is a 2 second lag before the lights turn on). Use side lights for solid objects and documents, tray lighting for transparencies, or no lighting.

4. Position your material for display on the tray.

5. Adjust the ZOOM and FOCUS as needed.

6. When finished, turn off the Document Camera and the Projector.

Document Camera Control Panel

Buttons shown in yellow are used frequently.
Picture of Doc Cam Controls
1. POWER - Turns the power on and off.
2. LAMP - Switches between the upper lamps, lower lamp, or no lamp at all.
3. INT/EXT - Select internal or external image. (Always choose internal.)
4. AWC - Adjusts the color automatically.
5. RED/BLUE - Adjusts the color manually.
6. TONE - Controls the tone of the image. 11. ZOOM - Zooms in or out to adjust the size of the projected image.
7. FREEZE - Creates a freeze-frame of the image. 12. VOLUME - No use in our classrooms.
8. NEGA/POSI - Select Positive for regular pictures or images, and Negative for negative films. 13. FOCUS - Adjusts the sharpness of the image.
9. MODE - Selects the desired resolution (should be set to XGA). 14. DIRECTIONAL KEYS - Use in the Scroll mode (#15) to move the image up/down or right/left.
10. IRIS - Adjusts the brightness of the image. 15. FULL/SCROLL - Use Full to display the whole image, and Scroll to display a part of the image which can be moved with the Directional Keys (#14).

Document Camera Troubleshooting

If you don't find a solution to your particular problem here, please e-mail the Academic Media Technology Dept. We will get back to you as soon as we can, and will add your solution to our Troubleshooting Grid.

Problem Possible Cause Solution
No image appears on the projector screen Doc Cam not on Be sure the Document Camera power is on.
  Wrong source selected Press the source button labeled Document Camera.
  Wrong resolution selected Use the MODE button on the Doc Cam to change to XGA.
  Iris control not correct Use the IRIS button on the Doc Cam to adjust the iris.
  Projector not on Use the DISPLAY POWER button on the Control Panel to turn the Projector on.
Projected image is too dark Doc Cam lights not on Use the LAMP button on the Doc Cam to adjust the lights.
  Doc Cam lights not aiming at tray

Adjust the side lights so they are aiming at your document on the tray.

  NEGA/POSI adjustment wrong Use the NEGA/POSI button on the Doc Cam to adjust between a positive and negative image.
Projected image is out of focus FOCUS adjustment incorrect Use the FOCUS button on the Doc Cam to adjust the focus of the image.
Only part of my document is projected to the screen ZOOM adjustment incorrect Use the ZOOM button on the Doc Cam to zoom out and reveal the entire document.
  Doc-Cam in Scroll Mode Use the FULL/SCROLL button on the Doc Cam to select the full document (may also then have to zoom out).