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Photo of Lecture HallDegnan Lecture Hall

Located in Room 1126 on the 11th floor, Degnan Lecture Hall is a 140-seat, tiered classroom suitable for large group meetings, seminars, or classroom use. Presentation equipment has been built-in to provide large screen projection of instructional materials to your audience.

To schedule and reserve Degnan Lecture Hall for your event or function, call Patricia Lindsey at 906-5134 (

The built-in presentation equipment in this room is designed differently than in general classrooms, and includes:

Presentation equipment is designed to be controlled from the Instructor Station on a touch-screen control panel, allowing the user to turn the projector on and off, raise and lower the projection screen, and switch between each of the presentation media sources. Some equipment, such as the VCR and DVD player, is located in an Equipment Closet adjacent to the lecture hall, where you will need to preload your tapes or discs for use during your presentation.

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