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Larger classrooms are each equipped with microphones to amplify the instructor‘s voice. A ”Gooseneck“ microphone is fixed to the desktop near the Computer Monitor, and a Wireless, clip-on microphone is stored in a small black box below the desk on the equipment rack. Sound from the microphones will be amplified and transmitted over the room speakers loud enough (not booming) to reach audience members sitting furthest from the front of the room (click for Sound details).

Photo of Microphone
The Gooseneck microphone is always on while the system is activated. It's fairly sensitive, and will pick-up the instructor‘s voice without the need to lean-in to the microphone. But if you wander away from the Instructor‘s Desk, it will not be effective.

If you prefer to wander and not be fixed to the desk location, use the wireless microphone. Clip the small microphone to your lapel, and the transmitter box to your waistband, belt, or pocket. There is a small power switch on the top of the transmitter box. Turn this on, and check the battery level indicator in the small display window on the microphone. Photo of Mic Batteries
If batteries are low, open the little door on the front of the mic to change them (requires 2 "AA" batteries).

Very Important: Always remember to turn the Wireless Mic off and return it to its case when finished.