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Photo of Music RoomMusic Appreciation Room

Located on the 11th floor in room 1101, the Music Room was specifically designed for Capital's Appreciation of Music courses. Presentation equipment includes the standard General Classroom package, and also incorporates an audiocassette player, multi-speed turntable, CD/DVD player, and a surround-sound amplifier with 5 speakers.

The additional equipment increases the array of materials that can be presented to the class.

Standard Equipment Package capabilities:

Music Room Extended Package - includes capabilities listed above, plus:

The major difference between the Music Room and any General Classroom is the addition of sound only devices such as the turntable and audiocassette player, an upgrade to a DVD player that delivers better audio quality than the computer DVD drive, and, of course, the Baby Grand Piano. Each of these enhancements were designed to offer a richer Appreciation of Music experience, but can be taken advantage of no matter what subject matter you teach in this room.

For an orientation to the Music Appreciation Room Extended Package of presentation equipment, proceed to the Instructor's Station.