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Photo of ProjectorThe Multi-Media Projector

The Multi-Media Projector is ceiling-mounted, and displays all of your presentation materials on the projection screen. If you plan on using the system for projection, turn the projector on first by pressing the Display Power button on the Control Panel atop the instructor's desk. The projector slowly comes up to full brightness in about 60 seconds.

Using the source buttons on the Control Panel, you can select to display images from the Lectern Computer, Document Camera, or the VCR. If you have your own Laptop Computer, an Auxiliary Video Device (such as a digital camera), or an Auxiliary Audio Device (such as a cassette player), you can connect it to the Control Panel and select it with the appropriate source button.

Close-up of Display Power button
Always turn the projector off when you finish with your presentation. Lamps are very expensive to replace, and leaving them on when not in use will shorten the lifespan of the lamp. To turn the projector off, press and hold the DISPLAY POWER button for approximately 3 seconds, until the message "Please wait a moment" appears on the projector screen. The projector lamp will then shut off automatically after about 10 seconds.


Projector Operator's Manuals

If you wish to know more about the operation of the Multi-Media Projector in the "Classrooms for the Future," check the original owner's manuals provided by the equipment manufacturers. They're available for free download, but require Adobe Acrobat Reader (also a free download, see link at right) to view them.

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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Multi-Media Projectors
Be sure to choose the manual for the projector model installed in your classroom (see photos at right).

NEC MT1050 (1.8 Mb)
NEC LT260 (2.3 Mb)
Epson PowerLite 5000 (687 kb)

NEC MT-1050

NEC LT-260

Epson PL-5000