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Jacqueline Peters, Instructor, 906-5030, Office 1031

ENG 101, "Composition"

Catalog Course Description:
Students in Journalism will focus on the journalistic style of writing. These writings will emphasize the art of investigation, persuasion, and reporting within the context of news story writing. Students explore methods and techniques of news gathering, news writing, and news analysis. By covering campus and community events, students will make practical application of theory.

Learning Objectives

  • To demonstrate an understanding of:

    Students will:

    As measured by:

    Media analysis


    Acquire, read, view, interpret, and evaluate a variety news media

    Examine journalism as a universal mode of communicating public and individual opinions through selected readings & discussion

    Identify the structure & organization of the various sections of a daily publication

    Analyze cultural elements of a publication

    Evaluate the writer's objectivity through selected readings and group discussions

    Evaluate a variety of news publications to determine the diversity of the community that each reflects through selected readings and discussions

    Utilization of journalistic vocabulary; identification of various sections of daily publications; analysis of form in written assignments; written assignments and class discussions in which the student expresses interpretation of content and journalistic elements as applied to selected readings.

    Interviewing and Listening Skills



    Actively listen to, view, interpret, and respond to a professional interview as presented in class

    Actively listen to, interpret, and respond to an interview subject (interviewee)

    Apply the techniques of interview such as skillful paraphrasing, questioning, and summarizing

    Design and practice interview strategies in a small group

    Interview and summarize information to prepare an article for publication  

    Oral/written peer critique; revision of interview questions following instructor and peer critique; discussion

    Effective Writing

    Connect all facets of language, utilizing universal communication modes effectively

    Apply knowledge of the writing process to journalistic writing using a variety of appropriate models and formats.

    Identify and utilize specific journalism vocabulary

    Utilize word processing and technology to draft and revise journalistic articles

    Explore a variety of page layout techniques such as headlines, copy, art, captions, photos

    Write a variety of news articles for various sections of a newspaper and publish for a specific audience

    Discuss drafts of news/feature writing in order to improve its effectiveness


    Discussion design; written interview questions and practice of interview; summary of information for publication; improvement of writing according to critique



    Use library, internet, database, and other sources

    Evaluate sources for credibility

    Distinguish between primary and secondary sources to determine accuracy and validity

    Compile and evaluate information from primary and secondary sources to write an objective news article

    Evidence of research submitted to the instructor; selective use of research in writing; balance of sources in original written stories/articles; presence of validity of information, distinction between primary and secondary sources for accuracy in student writing; creating a database and selecting appropriate data


    Accept personal and public accountability for viewpoints expressed in journalistic writing

    Recognize the role of the journalist in determining viewpoint

    Employ discretion regarding standards of ethics, privacy, plagiarism; & observe legalities of accessing data

    Take responsibility for knowing, completing, and (when necessary) making up assignments

    Discussion; written analysis of a news article; writing a balanced news story; cooperation with peers; conduct toward interview subjects; meeting deadlines


    Technology Skills


    Create and use a database (media archive) by entering data, sorting, & researching within existing database(s).

    Utilize word processing tools to format text layout

    Utilize word processing features such as spell checking/ thesaurus, and footnotes

    Apply research techniques and technology to acquire information through online sources

    Utilize and care for portable media storage devices


    Database research which utilizes boolean terms (as needed) and key word searches by title, subject, author, etc.; utilization of word processing, demonstration of a variety of layout techniques; publication of articles for a specific audience; creating a database and selecting appropriate data; use of in-class presentation equipment



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