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COM*173 - Public Speaking

Jennifer Thomassen, Instructor, 906-5016, Office 1028
Michael Walters, Instructor, 906-5083, Office 1116

Prerequisite: ENG 101, "Composition"

Catalog Course Description:
Basic instruction in public speaking with emphasis on improvement through practice exercises, gathering material, organization and delivery of speeches of varied lengths and types, and evaluative listening.  Formerly listed as ENG 203 "Effective Speech."

Learning Objectives
A student who successfully completes Public Speaking should be able to do the following:

  • Design, write, and deliver an effective speech which achieves its specific purpose.

  • Analyze an audience and adapt a message to audience and an occasion.

  • Select an appropriate topic and narrow it to fit in the time available.

  • Listen with comprehension and critical insight.

  • Recognize and interpret unconscious messages revealed by nonverbal communication.

  • Use appropriate visual aids effectively.

  • Use clear, forceful, appropriate language in speaking.

  • Develop the skill of speaking with confidence and poise.


To demonstrate an understanding of:

Students will:

As measured by:

Responsibility for full class participation


Attend class regularly and arrive on time

Complete individual and group presentations

Initiate and complete any make-up work

Take responsibility for knowing, completing, and (when necessary) making up assignments

Attendance records

Class records

Assignment records

How to prepare and deliver speeches

Prepare and deliver informative speeches

Prepare and deliver persuasive speeches

Prepare and deliver occasion and other speeches

Speech evaluations

Speech grades

Course records


How to conduct appropriate research to gather supporting material for speeches

Use Library, internet, and other sources

Evaluate findings

Develop relevant speech outlines based on research findings

Evidence of research submitted to the instructor

Selective use of research

Evaluation of outlines for speeches



Updated 07/08/2015