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COM*295 - Internship I

Jennifer Thomassen, Internship Coordinator, 906-5016, Office 1028

Course Information
Open only to students majoring in the following academic programs:
• Associate Degree, Communication Media
• Certificate, Visual Communication

Get started sooner!
The two-year Associate degree program at Capital Community College in Hartford, CT offers you the exceptional opportunity to participate in an internship at a communication workplace within the your first two years of academic study. Internship placement assistance is offered to all Communication Media majors as they approach completion of the degree program.

Internship Guidelines:
The Communication Internship program is open ONLY to students who are enrolled ("majoring") in the Communication Media Associate Degree program or the Visual Communication Certificate. They must also have successfully completed enough COM media production courses as determined by the Internship Coordinator. Students will NOT be placed in an internship without approval of the Internship Coordinator.

Catalog Course Description:
Students will engage in supervised on-the-job experience using communication technology in a field placement setting. It is expected that all students in the Communication Media internship will meet together several times during the semester for career-building workshops and to share experiences with one another. Prerequisite: Permission of
Communication Media advisor.

How much time is involved?
In order to receive academic credit, Interns are required to work between 120 and 150 hours per semester (10-15 hours per week). Interns are required to give the Internship Coordinator a timesheet, signed by the Internship Supervisor, once every two weeks.

Will I be paid?
Most internships are not paid. However, you will receive 3 academic credits, valuable work experience for your resume, and you will complete a required course toward your degree in Communication.

What the student should expect:
Student interns will be placed with an organization that best matches their skill level and career interests in media. They will perform functions as directed by the on-site supervisor, as though he/she were a part-time employee. All responsibilities, including a work schedule, will be determined cooperatively with the on-site supervisor. The Internship Coordinator at Capital will be in periodic contact during the semester, and meet with the on-site supervisor at least once, to assess the performance of the student intern.

Photo of InternWhat's expected of the student:
While at their internship site, s
tudent interns must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes arriving on-time and working the schedule determined by their on-site supervisor, performing the functions and duties assigned, keeping in touch with the Internship Coordinator at Capital during the internship, and making both the on-site supervisor and the Internship Coordinator aware of any problems they are having that relate to their internship performance. It’s also expected that the interns will take advantage of this opportunity to gain the most practical experience and knowledge they can about the media production field. Be attentive, motivated, and eager to help. Ask questions about procedures and projects. Talk to staff about their educational background and experience. Make the most of your internship.

Sample Internship Placement Sites:

  • WFSB-TV Channel 3

    • CBS affiliate serving the Hartford/New Haven Market

    • Intern Duties – assisting reporters and editors with story development.

  • Hartford Public Access Television

    • Nonprofit multi-channel cable television service serving the Hartford community

    • Intern Duties – cablecasting (monitoring air signal, organizing air tapes), assisting on studio or field productions, editing programs for air, acting as reporter/journalist/photographer for station newsletter, producing public service announcements

  • CT-N, The Connecticut Network

    • Nonprofit multi-channel cable television and streaming media service that provides citizens with unbiased (unedited) coverage of state government deliberations and public policy events.

    • Intern Duties – assisting with field productions and creating electronic graphics

  • Clear Channel Communications (Hartford Radio)

    • National media conglomerate that owns Hartford-based radio stations WKSS-FM "KISS 95.7," WWYZ-FM "Country 92.5," WHCN-FM "The River 105.9," WMRQ-FM 104.1, and WPOP-AM 1410 (all-sports)

    • Intern Duties – assisting with promotions, community events, and studio productions

  • Cox Communications

    • Nonprofit multi-channel cable television service serving the Manchester community

    • Duties include assisting with studio and field productions, videotaping town meetings

  • Univision Hartford

    • Local affiliate of a national Spanish-language television network (partially owned by General Electric/NBC)

    • Program/Production intern will research story ideas, write scripts, and edit local events and news coverage.

    • Assist with all aspects of production including shooting, editing, setting up/breaking down equipment, schedule interviews, and work with computers.

On-Campus Component:
The student intern is expected to attend a few on-campus meetings with other Communication Interns and the Internship Coordinator, to discuss issues related to their internship responsibilities, and the media production industry in general. This may involve short reading and writing assignments. Other on-campus workshops may be assigned at the discretion of the Coordinator, on subjects related to job search skills. All on-campus meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the students’ class and work schedules, whenever possible.

On-line Component:
Student interns are also expected to keep in touch with the Internship Coordinator using the course WebCT page, accessible on the internet. Additional course materials, assignments, and online resources for students will be posted in the course WebCT page during the semester, so interns should visit the site often.

Final Paper:
Each Communication intern is required to write a final paper detailing their experience in the internship, and how it relates to their studies in Communication courses at Capital Community College.

The Communication Internship Program is designed to offer the student intern a chance to gain valuable work experience in the media production field. This practical experience will enhance and reinforce the knowledge gained from Communication Media courses, and allow students to test-drive the exciting media production industry as a career choice.

To demonstrate an understanding of:

Students will:

As measured by:

The history, nature, and structure of various media industries

Perform project-based tasks related to media production and communication in a local professional media outlet or related organization.

         Evaluation by Supervisor


The communication process and conventions of communication settings

Communicate with supervisor or designees, clients, and advisor

Create original media to meet project specifications


         Creation and presentation of
project-based media

Teamwork & Professionalism

Attend job site as scheduled

Treat colleagues with respect and consideration

         Attendance records



Use Library, internet, and other sources

Prepare and deliver multi-media content

Take responsibility for accuracy of content

Implement revisions

         Evidence of research

         Evidence of design and/or content revision


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