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Independent Study

Instructor TBA

Permission of instructor.  Candidates must be Communication Media majors, and have achieved sophomore status with a 3.0 or better GPA in Communication courses.

Catalog Course Description:
This course is an opportunity for students majoring in Communication Media to specialize in advanced projects where they may pursue a career interest or specific educational objective. Projects are designed and implemented through continual consultation between the student and a faculty advisor.

Learning Objectives

To demonstrate an understanding of:

Students will:

As measured by:

Media technology skills

Independently develop and produce a media-based project using appropriate communication technology.

Portfolio review by faculty advisor.

Oral communication

Prepare and deliver oral presentations (as part of the project and/or as project status updates to the faculty advisor)

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various communication media and technology options.


Oral presentations to faculty advisor and/or collaborators.

Written communication

Prepare an initial independent study proposal.

Maintain a journal recording their experience in the independent study in relation to departmental and personal objectives.

Prepare a report which synthesizes the independent study experience in relation to departmental and personal objectives.

Take responsibility for accuracy of content.

Implement revisions.


a) Approval of faculty advisor, department chair, and Academic Dean


b-e) Submission of written journal; Portfolio review by faculty advisor.

Media literacy

Communicate with collaborators, clients, and faculty advisor according to the communication process and conventions of the independent study’s particular setting

An audience-centered approach to creating communication media projects


Adjusting communication messages to target intended audience; Conducting research to understand the attributes and expectations of the intended audience


Visual design and aesthetics

Independently develop and produce media which represents deliberate visual design choices with consideration to aesthetics.

Portfolio review by faculty advisor.


Attend meetings as scheduled.

Collaborate with faculty advisor and other individuals when appropriate.

Build goodwill among collaborators.


Attendance records; Feedback from collaborators and faculty advisor


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