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Academic Media Technology
Capital Community College
950 Main Street, Suite 1031
Hartford, CT 06103
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Office Hours, Spring 2012:      Mon-Thu 8:30am-7:00pm    Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Online Technical Support for Classrooms
Visit our Classrooms For The Future tech support site for virtual tours and simplified, visual tutorials.

About the Classrooms for the Future
Academic Media Technology designs, maintains, and administers the "Classrooms for the Future" at Capital Community College... a $2 million project that has infused multimedia presentation equipment and techniques throughout the campus, and across the curriculum.

Each room features audio-visual presentation equipment that allows instructors and students to incorporate many different types of materials into a rich, multimedia learning experience. ALL instructional classrooms & labs, conference rooms, lecture halls, tutoring centers, the Community Room, and the Auditorium (nearly 90 rooms in all) feature a high-tech "instructor's station" that includes:

Networked Windows XP Computer with CD/DVD Drive
Flat-screen Computer Monitor
VHS Videocassette Player
Digital Document Camera
Ceiling-Mounted Multimedia Projector
One-Touch Control Panel to switch between sources
Ceiling-mounted speakers for amplified sound
Wireless and gooseneck microphones (larger rooms only)

Instructors have wonderful flexibility and a variety of options when presenting information to their students. Teachers can incorporate instructional material from a wider array of media than ever before: DVD videos, VHS videos, internet web pages, Microsoft Office documents, textbook images, CD-ROMs or CD audio discs, small objects, and even old-school overhead transparencies.

Academic Media Technology provides small group and individual training to faculty members who wish to learn more about the power of these systems. We also maintain a Help Desk in Room 1031 (ext. 5030) and an extensive Classrooms for the Future Tech Support Site.

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Classroom FAQs
Q: I'm in the middle of teaching a class and the equipment doesn't seem to work. Whom do I call for help?
A: Call us at 5030 from any campus phone (906-5030 from your cellphone).  During normal office hours we will respond as quickly as possible.

Q: I want to play a DVD but don't see a DVD player.  What do I do?
A: The computer plays DVD videos.
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Q: I have my own laptop and would like to use that instead of the built-in PC.  Can I connect it to the projector?
A: Yes! Connectors for laptop video and audio are located on the desktop control panel. You'll need to bring your own VGA cable and (if needed) a mini-plug audio cable. (Call us if you need to borrow these cables for the day.)
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Q: My students are giving oral presentations and I'd like them videotaped.  Can you help?
A: Yes!  Please call, e-mail, or visit us in person to schedule this service with a department member.

Q: I'd like to try PowerPoint for my lectures.  Where can I learn how to use PowerPoint?
A: The AMT department offers a basic introductory lesson in Microsoft PowerPoint. Call x5030 to schedule one-on-one training, or a workshop for your class.

Q: I would like to display digital photos from my digital camera. How do I do that?
A: You can download your images from the camera to a computer and save them to a USB flash drive or recordable CD. Then you can display them using the Lectern Computer. But if your digital camera has a video out jack (most do), you can connect the camera to the system's Auxiliary Video Input, and display the images straight out of the camera.
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