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Safety Tips

Public Safety Officers are always available to provide an escort to the parking areas.

  1. Be sure to lock your car.
  2. Place all valuables out of sight.
  3. Walk to your car with friends whenever possible.
  4. Try to park in a lighted area.
  5. When parking, take note of near-by exits, elevators, stairs, phones.
  6. If someone or something looks suspicious or out of place -- then it is suspicious -- CALL THE POLICE TO REPORT -- or the Capital Community College Dept. of Public Safety (906 5075).
  7. Keep your keys handy so you can unlock (or lock) your car instantly, and once in the car do not sit, start the car and drive away.
  8. Prior to walking into a garage, quickly scan the area for potential problems.
  9. Do not fight over your pocketbook. It is not worth your safety.
The Capital Community College Department of Public Safety is pro-actively working to ensure a safe educational and workplace environment. We ask for your assistance. Report suspicious activity and persons. If you have a safety concern of suggestion, please call us. We are located in rooms 101 & 102 in the main lobby of the college. We will work together to remedy the problem.

Master Sergeant J. Griffin