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5.6 Embedded Thoughts: Combining Sentences
by Embedding Thoughts

Application 11

Combine the following sets of sentences by changing the words in italics to embedded verbals or verbal phrases.

a. (embed a verbal only) That beach may not be open to the public much longer. It is eroding.
That eroding beach may not be open to the public much longer.
b. (embed a verbal phrase) The smaller beach is hidden around the bluff. It has higher and stronger dunes.
Hidden around the bluff, the smaller beach has higher and stronger dunes.

1. The soldiers avoided the children. The children were sleeping.


2. Talitha was singing quietly to herself. She approached the troops.

3. Rosa and the twins shout in the crowd. The crowd is rushing.

4. They are laughing about the meeting. They gesture with their hands.

5. The steel was polished. It was sent to the diecutters.

6. The sample was engraved with the machinist's initials. It went on display for a week.

7. Please clean up Billie Sue's ice cream. It is dripping.

8. We are rushed by the deadline. We're finally throwing out all Dad's old gadgets.

9. Today I looked at my fender. It is scratched.

10. I must have run into that car. It was parked too close to my driveway.

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