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5.3 Embedded Thoughts: From Independent to Dependent Clause

Application 2

In the space provided write the dependent clause that plays the sentence role and answers the question in parentheses. Put an asterisk at the end of each dependent word.

Example:That slow, bent man whom they follow is Moses. (modifier, "Which man?")
whom* they follow

1. Whatever you want is okay with me. (subject, "What is?")


2. But I can't understand why you are so upset about the new benefits package. (completer, "Can't understand what?")

3. You must report to the union before the managers call you. (modifier, "When?")

4. You should address your comments to the woman whom you met yesterday. (modifier, "Which woman?")

5. The meeting that you have with the negotiating team could make a difference to all of us. (modifier, "Which meeting?")

6. Where the meeting will be held has been kept a big secret. (subject, "What has been kept?")

7. One or two managers may explain how they feel. (completer, "Explain what?")

8. You can judge their sincerity by whether or not they look at you. (object of preposition by)

9. If I meet with the managers, they'll just argue with me. (modifier, "Under what conditions?")

10. They'll probably like you better because you're much calmer in these situations. (modifier, "Why?")


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