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5.3 Embedded Thoughts: Recognizing Dependent Clauses

Application 5

For further study, COPY these first five sentences from Application 4 and PASTE them in the box provided. Analyze the way they work and mark them as follows:

|all subjects|
[completers of independent clauses only]
{dependent clauses}
dependent words*
If the independent clause's subject or completer is a dependent clause, put the dependent clause brackets { } inside the other brackets:

Example: {Although* |everybody| COMPLAINS about the subways}, at least |you| KNOW [{that* |they| ARE faster than cars during the rush hour}].

1. If I'm in a hurry, that's how I go places.

2. Our subways are just noisier than the ones in Washington are
because our equipment is older.

3. Unless you object, I'll send Mark home on the subway after the
party is over.

4. Because he's spent so much time with me, he'll know where to
make the connection to the other line.

5. Whether he eats supper or not can be his choice since we'll have
plenty of food here.


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