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5.4 Embedded Thoughts: From Verbs to Verbal

Application 7

For further study, COPY these first five sentences from Application 6 and PASTE them in the box provided. Analyze the way they work and mark them as follows:

|all subjects|

Example: In spite of the announcement, the |conductors| DECIDED [to stay*].

1. Nobody likes to wait.

2. This workshop demonstrates new ways to concentrate.

3. To survive on a minimum wage takes tremendous resourcefulness.

4. Out of the corner of her eye, Anuja glimpsed a shooting star.

5. Diving is not a good idea at this beach.

6. The cleaner will trim that dangling piece of lace.

7. Most students enjoy Ms. Burgess's teasing.

8. The ball flew right between the astonished umpire's knees.

9. Frozen yogurt is becoming a fad in some cities.

10. The unemployed flight attendants are bringing pots and pans
to the airport.

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