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5.5 Embedded Thoughts: Recognizing Verbal Phrases

Application 8
Application 8

Find the verbal phrases that play the sentence roles given in parentheses. Write the entire verbal phrase in the space provided. Write an asterisk (*) after each verbal.

Example: Giving concerts all over the country increases the popularity of rock groups. (subject)
Giving* concerts all over the country

1. Some rock singers like to go on tour. (completer)

2. They get a lot of money for appearing live on stage. (object of preposition for)
3. They become inspired in front of audiences cheering them on. (modifier, "What kind of audiences?")
4. A star surrounded by fans feels completely at home. (modifier, "Which star?")
5. Sometimes adults in the audiences will squabble like two-year-olds to get a good view of their idols. (modifier, "Why?)

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