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5.5 Embedded Thoughts: Recognoizing Verbal Thoughts

Application 9

For further study, COPY these sentences from Application 8 and PASTE them in the box provided. Analyze the way they work and mark them as follows:

|all subjects|
{verbal phrase}

If the subject or completer is a verbal phrase, put the verbal phrase brackets { } inside the other brackets.
Example: |{Giving* concerts all over the country}| INCREASES the [popularity] of rock groups.

1. Some rock singers like to go on tour.

2. They get a lot of money for appearing live on stage.

3. They become giddy in front of audiences cheering them on.

4. A star surrounded by fans feels completely comfortable.

5. Sometimes adults in the audiences will squabble like two-year-olds
to get a good view of their idols.

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