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chapter 4.3 Completers and Modifiers: Words That Act as Completers

Application 2

Identify each subject and verb below and then ask "(Subject + verb) whom or what?" to find each completer. In the space provided, identify the word that serves as a completer to the sentence. Then, after a comma and space, add one of these terms: noun, pronoun or modifier to specify which kind of completer it is.

Example: My nieces love the dolphins at Mystic Aquarium.
dolphins, noun

1.The dolphins in the aquarium are learning tricks.
2.Apparently, they're enjoying themselves.
3.In just a minute, Soo-Yean will call their names.
4.The dolphins can answer her.
5.She's been training them for months.
6.The seal show is popular, too.
7.Yesterday's act was the best ever.
8.The aquarium is attracting more tourists than ever.

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