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chapter 4.5 Completers and Modifiers: How Modifiers Work

Application 4

The following sentences develop from the same basic sentence: People love movies. In the space provided after each sentence, write the modifying word or phrase that answers the question in parentheses.

Example: Sentimental people love movies. (What kind of people?)

1. Most people love movies. (How many people?)
2. Those people love movies. (Which people?)
3. People from Connecticut love movies. (Which people?)
4. People almost always love movies. (When do they love them?)
5. Because of the exciting plots, people love movies. (Why do they love them?)
6. People love movies passionately. (How do they love them?)
7. People love movies at drive-in theaters. (Where do they love them?)
8. People love Cinestudio movies. (Which movies?)
9. People love Clint Eastwood movies. (Whose movies?)
10. People love movies about the Old West. (What kind of movies?)

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