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chapter 4.8 Completers and Modifiers: Combining Sentences

Application 8

Combine each set of sentences by compounding the sentence parts in bold. Use the conjunctions given in parentheses.


1. We watch the papers for a clue. We watch the network news for a clue. (and)


2. That kind of arrogance impresses Ben. It doesn't impresses me. (but not)


3. Your dog always eats my garbage. If not, he eats my flowers(or)


4. My father loves your high little voice. He loves the sound of your big old tuba, too. (and)


5. These jokes are not new. They are not funny, either.(neither . . . nor . . .)



6. I sing beautifully in the shower. I sing freely in the shower. (and)


7. Mosquitoes buzz in the tent. They don't buzz in the cabin. (but not)


8. Sylvia cooks spaghetti in a wok. If not, she cooks it over her grill. (or)


9. Tricia expresses her feelings easily with most people. She doesn't express them easily with children. (but not)


10. Hanna wears socks to bed in the winter. She wears them even on chilly nights in the summer. (and)


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