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Chapter 1 An Overview of the Sentence

Chapter 2 Verbs

Chapter 3 Subjects

Chapter 4 Completers and Modifiers

Chapter 5 Embedded Thoughts

Chapter 6 Capitalization and Punctuation

Chapter 7 Combining Sentences

In these first seven chapters, you will study the basic structure of English sentences. You'll examine their parts and describe how they work. You won't be thinking about errors; you'll be focusing on the smooth functioning of English sentences. This insight into the workings of the language will increase your control of any writing that you undertake in this course or elsewhere.

These chapters work best if you study them in sequence. Chapter 3 builds on what you have learned in Chapter 2, and so on. If you or your teacher feels that you already know the material covered by a particular chapter, you can verify that knowledge by completing the Review and Practice section, which summarizes each key point and asks you to apply it in several situations. If most of your answers are correct, you can feel confident about moving on to the next chapter.

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