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1.2 An Overview of the Whole Sentence

Application 1

Finish each of the following sentences. When you click on the "suggested answer" buttons, you can compare your work with what another student has written.

In sentences 1-4, add one word in each space. The word you add will be a subject.

1. cracks jokes at unexpected moments.
2. At the bank this morning, had everyone in stitches.
3. Even relaxed and laughed at that one.
4. will keep you from taking yourself too seriously.

In sentences 5-8, add one word in each space. The word you add will be a verb.

5. Martha's foul shots not very good today.

6. Her posture a lot of work too.
7. The coach some extra time with her last night.
8. He her a fancy new trick.

In sentences 9-12, add one word in each box. The word you add will be a completer.

9. You should see .

10. After all, it is .
11. Would you prefer for dinner?
12. Eric and I had very good at that new restaurant last week.

In sentences 13-16, add a word or group of words in the space to finish the sentence. Each word or group of words you add will be a modifier or will finish a modifier already started for you.

13. You are painting that wall very .

14. Do you always paint with ?
15. The color over the sink is an improvement.
16. I bought some paint last week for the kitchen.

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