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7.5 Combining Sentences: Review And Practice

Review & Practice

This exercise is an opportunity for you to test your understanding of what you have just learned in the text. When you click on the "sentences" button a set of sentences will appear in the text area. Using the conjunction or conjunctions shown in parentheses, combine each set of sentences into a single sentence. The "One possible answer" button will reveal the computer's response, but more than one answer is certainly possible.

1. (whose)   

2. (but)   

3. (when, until)  

4. (as)   

5. (but, and)   

6. (neither. . . nor)   

7. (while)   

8. (until)  

9. (, , and)   

Click on the "paragraphs" button for twenty-eight more sentences in two paragraphs. Combine them to tell the rest of the story in ten to fourteen sentences. Don't leave out any of the information. Use conjunctions or dependent words, or change verbs to verbals, connecting the ideas into fewer but longer sentences. The "One possible answer" button will reveal the computer's suggested response, but many different combinations of sentences are possible.


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