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chapter 6.3 Capitalization and Punctuation: Period

A complete sentence which makes a statement ends with a period.
It's your turn now. Take a deep breath and blow.
Most abbreviations end with a period.
Dr. Williams will meet you at the Oak St. office.
chapter 6.4 Capitalization and Punctuation: Question Mark

A question ends with a question mark.
Have you been eating again? Does the coach know?

NOTE: With indirect questions—"The teacher asked Gesualdo if he had done the homework."—we do not use question marks. Click here for a one-page summary on indirect questions and reported speech.

chapter 6.5 Capitalization and Punctuation: Exclamation Point

A statement expressing unusual emphasis or great excitement may end with an exclamation point.
You've been eating again! I'm telling the coach!
This mark is not used often. Usually a writer can express emphasis through the choice of words, using information to support an idea rather than relying on an exclamation point to create a general sense of high emotion. In writing, exclamation points are used primarily for conveying the tone of informal conversations.

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