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chapter 3 Subjects

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Your Writing: Narrating an Experience from the Past
  2. "Who or What (Verb)?"
  3. Placement
  4. Nouns and Pronouns as Subjects
  5. Simple Subjects
  6. Combining Sentences by Compounding Subjects
  7. Review & Practice
  8. Fun With Grammar: Find That Subject!
  9. Return to Your Writing
  10. Mastery Test on Subjects
In a sentence, every verb needs a subject. Once you have found a verb in a sentence, you can identify its subject if you know the typical relationships between verbs and subjects. Recognizing the subjects of your sentences makes it easier for you to clarify and develop your ideas in writing.

In Chapter 3, you will learn that

  • the subject answers the question "Who or what (verb)?"
  • the subject in a statement usually comes before the verb except in questions; the subject in a question is usually between the two parts of the split verb.
  • the role of the subject is often played by a noun (sometimes a pronoun can stand in the place of a noun).
  • the simple subject is a subject stripped of all the words that describe it.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their subjects.

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