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chapter 3.3 Subjects: Placement

In most statements, the subject comes before the verb.

You have been dreaming about socks again.
That has some deep significance.

In most questions, you can find the subject after the first part of a split verb.

(Remember that to split a single-word verb, you must add do, does, or did.)

Have you been dreaming about socks again?
Does that image have some deep significance?

When am, is, are, was, or were stands as a single-word verb, it doesn't split for a question, but it does move to the front of the subject in a question:

That is a good luck sign. -- Is that a good luck sign?
You are superstitious. -- Are you superstitious?

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Click on the ESL icon at left to visit "Placement of Subjects in Questions" for an ESL focus on how questions change sentence order. Practice these forms with a teacher or tutor.

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