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3.4 Subjects: Nouns and Verbs as Subjects

Application 3

In the following sentences, the subjects are nouns. For each sentence, find the verb and the subject. In the space below each sentence, write the subject and verb. Then decide what pronoun could replace the subject and in the second space, write that pronoun with the same verb. When you have finished, click the answer button to see the correct response. If you wish, do all five questions before looking at the answers.

Example: Those egg rolls taste awful with ketchup.
Noun-subject and verb: rolls taste
Pronoun-subject and verb: they taste

1. However, the chili needs a little extra flavor.
N-S/Verb: P-S/Verb:
2. Aunt Fern loves spicy dishes, complaining loudly about menus without them.
N-S/Verb: P-S/Verb:
3. Denver has only a few restaurants wild enough for her taste.
N-S/Verb: P-S/Verb:
4. My uncle once cooked a great Indian meal for her.
N-S/Verb: P-S/Verb:
5. His curried peppers have been the theme of her stories ever since.
N-S/Verb: P-S/Verb:

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