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3.4 Subjects: Nouns and Pronouns as Subjects

Application 4

Below each sentence, identify the subject-verb relationships by naming the simple subject(s) and the verb that goes with each. If there is more than one subject-verb relationship in a sentence, separate them with a comma. When a pronoun acts as the subject, put an asterisk (*) after it.

1. For many American Indians, words had tremendous power.
2. According to Indian beliefs, a singer could cause a change in nature or in people through the words of a song.
3. A poet was renewing the vitality of the earth itself as he told the story of the beginning of the world.
4. A song could heal a wound, or a chant could encourage the growth of crops.
5. The word, whether in song or in tale, was considered sacred.
6. It existed even before the gods did.
7. Don't be surprised, then, if contemporary Native American writers use language with great reverence.
8. They may speak English instead of the languages of their ancestors, but word power still guides many of them in their daily lives.

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