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2.5 Verbs: Time (Tense)

Application 9
In the paragraph below, the highlighted verbs report past, present, and future events. Using the magnetic clipboard to the right, arrange the randomly arranged verbs and verb strings (which contain underlines to hold the words together) chronologically, from top to bottom, first to last. (Hold the mouse-button down on each "magnet" and move it to the desired place on the board.) As a hint, the first verb, "are invading," appears toward the bottom (make it eighth in your list of ten verbs). When you are finished, you can compare your work to the correct order—or one possible correct order—in the pull-down menu under the paragraph.

The groundhogs are invading my garden again. Last spring I built a tall fence. I had buried chicken wire all around the border the year before, but they got over or under or through that. So I spent a lot of money and two whole days of labor on a heavy snow fence. But now that the lettuce has turned crunchy and sweet, the groundhogs are back. They must have found a secret way into the garden, because there are no holes in the fence or in the ground. It is becoming obvious that the groundhogs are here for good, and that I will be sharing my vegetables with them in spite of my efforts.

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